Back to Facebook censorship. It is pretty much the worst social network to be on if you’re a naturist. But it’s not merely naturists that get prohibited. The censorship is so wildly inconsistent which you can pretty much get banned for anything, even if Facebook makes official statements that such and such content is permitted. Their equivocal community standards are a joke because not even Facebook follows them. The Third World workers who moderate your website for $1/hr all seem to censor based on how they feel at that moment. Whoever these people are, they are definitely not following the same guidelines.

There is no point in “reviewing” all the community standards because the preceding text is about as detailed as it gets.
Take breastfeeding and mastectomy photographs, for instance. Facebook has said over and over again these photographs are enabled, but they continue to get removed. Once in a while it happens to someone with enough clout for this to make the news. When that occurs, a reporter reaches out to Facebook and FB apologizes, saying that they sometimes make an error. HAHAHA that would be so amusing, Facebook, if it did not actually occur ALL THE TIME. It’s simply that most of us plebeians do not have the wherewithal to get in the news, or reach an actual person at Facebook.

Which brings us to another problem. There is essentially no appeal process. The appeal alternative (when you can find it) appears to be there merely for show. It is near impossible to reach any real employee.
Anyhow I have found that while whining about getting banned for the umpteenth time, someone eventually asks: If you loathe Facebook so much, why keep using it? They are a private company so they can make their own rules and apply them as they wish.
If only were that simple. Facebook is a enormous conglomerate, proclaiming 1.23 billion active monthly users. Although there was a notable decline in popularity among teenage users, it truly is still, regrettably, the spot to be in relation to social media. It plays an integral role in people’s everyday social lives. It’s where they find community and join with a lot of friends and family. Telling someone to just cease FB is essentially like telling them to stop trying email. A Pew research study found that 71% of online adults use Facebook at the time of September 2013.
For businesses, organizations, and so on, nowhere else can people interact with and reach such a big following online as they can on FB. There’s no choice (yet) quite like it. To tell a business to just quit and leave might be requesting them to only cut ties with 70,000 devotees, clients and potential customers. Can you think of any major firm that’s not on Facebook? For FKK, we use Facebook frequently for getting our content out there, networking, promoting events and doing grassroots outreach for naturism. For me it is a chief point of contact; heaps of people reach out to me through the network each day!
Facebook’s part in people’s lives, its ubiquity and massive user base bestow upon it a greater social responsibility. Its far-reaching influence means that it does matter what they allow and what they censor. A New York Times article has an astute quotation from law professor Jeffrey Rosen: Facebook has more power in determining who can speak and who can be heard around the globe than any Supreme Court justice, any king or any president.
With their censorship practices, they market our culture’s glorification and acceptance of violence, while condemning art, self-expression and wholesome portrayals of the human body. Their censorship of breastfeeding photos is degrading to women and perpetuates the stigma against public breastfeeding. In addition they perpetuate many double standards, like that of male and female nuditythe male chest is fine while a female nipple is unacceptable. Naturally female breasts are still all over the network in the context of soft-core porn (only with that small little of areolae covered up).
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Talking of porn on Facebook, it’s everywhere. understand since I see it every day (while looking through others’ profiles). This is another hint that Facebook’s censorship system just does not function! I believe it’s time for them to cease pretending it does!
Facebook’s present mission statement is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and joined. Individuals use Facebook to stay connected with family and friends, to discover what is going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them. Facebook prides itself on being this open collective communication space, and many of us see it that way. And yetthey are still a corporation that makes decisions every day with regards to what content we can and can not participate with. As opposed to favoring free speech, they determined to play censor. It really is very challenging for a web site of this magnitude to implement such censorship consistently. Even when you write up a list of idiotic guidelines.